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precision ag

Precision AG: a chat with DroneWerkers

A Dutch company, DroneWerkers is a cooperative working in Precision AG with many and differents knowledges and experiences, operates in Europe and Latin-America with drones, IoT and data analysis for farmers

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precision ag drones

Drones for Precision AG is a boom market

In the next 10 years, the market of drones for agriculture will grow until over $20 Billions, creating industries, jobs, specialists and, moreover, research about a better and more secure food, more sustainable and lowering the farms carbon footprint.

The Alexa’s skills for wine&spirits

Wine Industries

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digital wine bar

Beverage management gets smart: Uncorkd

Choosing the right beverage can be a difficult experience for the customers, and the waiter cannot explain all the items in the menu. So, what’s simpler to show the informations in a tablet? It’s the Uncorkd platform.

From algorithm to wine: Bright Cellars


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CellarTracker partnerships with Benchmark Wine Group

A new partnership in the wine world between CellarTracker and Benchmark Wine Group, to enlarge wine market and sell&buy collection bottles

Wine Folly joins Global Wine DB

Apple Card, new way to pay (also wine)