Hello, and Welcome to The Digital Wine blog. 

My name is Rolando Mucciarelli, aka Wine Roland, I’m a 56 years old Italian wine blogger, since ten years I write about wine in my blog Storie del Vino, and I’m a Sommelier. I’m ever been interested to wine, its stories and its people, I’d like to talk about wine hearing the tales that winegrower loves to tell me.

But my main job is informatics, I work on it since 25 years, before as sysadmin and now as architect of monitoring systems on financial and management platform. 

Many times I’ve had the problem to explain how-and-what of these systems to very good people in finance or logistic or delivery but not in informatics, and translate for them what a supplier was telling. 

Two years ago I read some interesting articles about sensors used in vineyards, and reading again I discovered use of Data Analysis also in the Wine World. So, I built my Italian blog Web in Vigna and this blog. 

What I do?

Well, I’d like help those winegrowers that need use digital technology in their daily work. For these people, many times is difficoult to understand what a technician says, and for an engineer is even more difficoult to understand the job to make the wine. 

I’m the man in the middle, a Demand Manager, a bridge to connect the Wine and the Digital Tech.  The post you can read here have this scope, explaining what other winegrowers do, what is the state of the art of Wine Tech, and raise the curiosity around this topic. I hope so! 

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