Food&Beverage and Venture Capital

I’m back to write some posts on the topic of startups, mainly what happens between the Food&Beverage and Venture Capital. For a startup it is essential to find funds for development, so in this post we will see some examples of funding. Loans downward for Food&Beverage According to data from PitchBook, food and beverage startups

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What happened to Winc?

Watching about Winc to access at Chapter11 bankruptcy it’s really weird. Only 1 yr ago the company became a Public one, with 13$ for share at its debut. It raised $22 M one shot, and until 2021 had been funded with $54,2 M (source: Crunchbase) from many investors from California, Japan and Hong Kong. Winc

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The trend of Food Startup

Being a startup is and hard life, but the food startup is the trend of nowadays. There’re many opportunities and ideas to develop by people with any ability. It doesn’t exist only technology, of course, the main mission of food industry is health and substainability and technology is a valid help to reach these goals.

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