Wine is changing: A chat with Matthew Moate

Thanks to the cool FB group, Social Media + wine administrated by Robyn Lewis, I heard about WINE Portal, a platform for wine industry professionals to share information about the wine sector, create connections and to collaborate. Wine Industry Suppliers Australia (WISA), the peak Australian body representing the grape and …

Controlled by producers: Interview to David Gluzman

Selling wine online seems a simple thing, but it doesn’t. Producers put their wines into the database and wait, for a long o short time depends to ability of platform. But, how can they control informations about them? A nice solution is the Global Wine Database, a great database where …

A chat with Wenda about supply chain

What happens to the bottle when it go out the wine maker cellar? A nice electronic device, ideated by Wenda, merge together new technologies and Italian design to trace the travel and health of the bottle.

A chat with Cathy Huyghe about Enolytics

Data Analysis of Wine could be the future of wine making and wine market. Enolytics was founded by Cathy Huyghe, the famous wine writer and blogger, to provide to winemakers more informations about their grapes, their wines and their customers.

The Smartvineyard ™ project in Hungary

Hungary has a long tradition in making wine, and now is merge it with new technologies to have grapes ever more healthy. This is my interview to Csaba Arendas, CEO of Smartvineyard, a startup of Hungary committed in making monitoring systems for vineyards