Artificial Intelligence and Wine Industry: 5 examples

Do not think that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is always a dangerous thing, and that you will never use it: it is already present, for example, in the camera of your new smartphone or in video games. Artificial Intelligence all around us Furthermore, the streaming platforms such as Netflix, the advanced …

What to learn from Kuvée flop

What it seemed a good idea, didn’t. Kuvée is closing, even if it fund 6 M$. Innovation grows thanks successes and thanks failure, and may be not all technology of Kuvée will be throwing away.

The Digital Wine at Trento School of Management

At beginning of February, I was in Trento, host of School of Management to speak about digital opportunity in wine industry and making. There was about 30 producers, importers, wine sellers. With me spoke Mattia Nanetti from Wenda, I interviewed them last year, and he showed us how their jODYN …

Digital Disruption and Wine Industry

A winery that wants set out in the use of digital technologies, has a long way to do. It seems a kind of alchemy, a dosage of different elements, a little of Big Data, a little of drones, then monitoring and yes, let we add a robot around the vines. …

A chat with Wenda about supply chain

What happens to the bottle when it go out the wine maker cellar? A nice electronic device, ideated by Wenda, merge together new technologies and Italian design to trace the travel and health of the bottle.