How to acquire and retain the Wine Lover in 2018

How to acquire and retain the Wine Lover in 2018

The most important revolution led in the business from digital technology is ability to sell directly to consumer, and wine business make no difference.

It names disintermediation, and it isn’t necessarily bad. So, what prevision can we do about wine market for next 2018?

Understand the customer first, then the technology

What will make the difference in the next years, will not be number of platform you use or how many IoT devices you installed in the vineyard, but the ability to understand the customers needs, service offered and a nice user experience.

Nowadays before to buy everything, everyone searches in the web, and this is the exact moment which is important begin to catch customer’s interest, and convince they to come back to visit the web site or open that app.

The difference among sales channels will be based ever more about User eXperience, not about price, and UX it means digital channels.

The customer is the center of the universe and in a world of infinite choices, service is the ultimate differentiator. (Paul Mabray on Medium)

I know that many people don’t like that, but if you are in this group, you have two choices: adapt the digital technology to your goal and target, or succumb to digital darwinism.

How Wine Lover will be in 2018

The way which consumer will approach to wine is going to change, and if you will be smart you can transform they into a fan and wine lover.

Of course the job to make good wine it will be ever at the center, but more of your business will depend to your ability to offer services and facility to your customer. Mainly, the trend of wine DTC (Direct to Consumer) will grow.

Some of technological innovations will accelerate in the 2018 getting a really digital disruption in every branch of market and economy, so they’ll do in the wine market.

What’s new in the future of wine in 2018

Big Data – market nowadays is data-based, data created from consumers and their habits. To know what wine they like, what services they would in wine shop or in the vinery, reading what they’re sharing on social channels just now, it’s the fundamental of every good marketing strategy in these digital times. 

[European possibilities] partly it’s the concentration of major wine-producing regions and countries within limited space, and partly it’s their global perspective on selling wine. What it means is that wine businesses in Europe are under pressure to differentiate, and distinguish themselves from competitors who are “close” geographically and otherwise. Consumer-focused data can do that. (Cathy Huyghe, Enolytics)

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) – both technologies are going to have stability and maturity. The customer could search what they need looking about through a visor and putting in the chart their purchase. More, AR could be a very good experience for visits amongst rows and vines, with tags explaining what kind of grapes they are looking about.

Virtual Assistant – the use of a Virtual Assistant as Alexa or Cortana is becoming an interesting channel to involve people in our brand. Working with the power of a search engine pairing with Google Assistant could be really the best; people ask ever more questions to their virtual friend living into their smartphones. To be or not to be present in the better databases, this is the challenge of 2018.

Bot – You cannot answer at the phone all the day, or write on the socials or emails. Bot can do it. Automatic answerer are helpful to keep the visitor of your website near to you, it’s enough to know questions your customers can write. This is possibile if you have analyzed data from you customer. 

Price to access into digital platforms are lowering together their use and number of downloads growing. Sharing economy permits you to access to sales channels yesterday were unthinkable, in a way easier and faster.

I right don’t know what are you waiting.

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