Virtual Reality for Wine

wine and virtual reality

Virtual Reality for Wine

If you want to walk on the Moon, you can do it thanks Virtual Reality; if you want to live in the Ancient Greece, you can do it thanks Virtual Reality.

And if you want to know how Caracalla’s thermal baths were, you can do it thanks Augmented Reality.

wine and virtual reality

But, what about Virtual Reality for wine? Well, in Australia it seems this is a good idea. I like when new technologies are going to use in a traditional sector, because experiments and vision is the key for the future.

Like I wrote in the Wine Digital News number 4 reporting a news on ABC, some Australian wine maker is using VR for wine tourism.

So, I asked to Matthew Moate, Executive Office at WISA (Wine Industry Suppliers Australia) what he though about:

It’s important for wine producers to maximize the potential of emerging technologies to connect and engage with consumers. Sharing stories of place is difficult to express through the physical product of wine. The wonderful locations where Australian wine originates are difficult for consumers who haven’t experienced it to comprehend. Utilization of VR, AR and Virtual Tour technology makes our wines, people and regions far more accessible and provides tangible benefits to both producers and consumers.

It isn’t a simple thing to experiment new technologies in a traditional segment like wine is. Wine is a real product, not digital, so how can VR/AR match this market sector? 

Wine tourism seems to be a good segment to use these advanced technologies, to offer to wine lovers never seen before experience, with informations that appear in their digital glasses when they look at a barrel or a vine. 

In a next post I’ll write about one these experiments, better, I’ll let one of these innovators write about them.

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