Wine Digital News is back, ever searching all around the Web about wine&technology. In this number:

  • The OpenVino Project, a sharing platform for wine and technology
  • A nice journey in SA with Winetech and LaunchLab
  • A digital wine shop in Paris, by Le Petit Ballon
  • Bulk wine discover digital marketing.

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

They are a crew of wine lovers developers, that are building a new way to link digital and wine. As they write, “The OpenVino Project seeks to revolutionize the way wine is thought about, sold, and consumed”, and they do this putting together open source software, new model design, new company processes, to push vineries to enter into the digital era.

Their first experiment is the Costaflores wine shop in Mendoza, Argentina, where wine is sold like an ICO with cryptocurrency.

Winetech and LaunchLab organize the first Wine Industry Innovation Challenge at the Faculty of AgriSciences, Stellenbosch University(SA), to put together people with the idea to change the old world of wine.

A challenge, yes. There will be present businessmen, innovators, wine makers, who will present their innovative projects to solve big or little problem in making, communicating, selling wine. It’s a kind of Techcrunch Disrupt for wine, with an award of 150,000R (near 10,000$) for the better pitch.

Digital and analogic can live together? Le Petit Ballon think they do.

LPB is a start-up selling to its subscribers wine selected from its sommeliers; customers can choose to receive bottles at home or go to pick them in a vinery. So, the idea of LPB is been to open its own vinery, in 15th Arrondissement in Paris, because “in the wine world, it’s important to have a physical approach“, Matthieu Lesne, chief of develop says.

It’s the our typical European point of view: we like digital way, but nothing like an handshake and a good glass of wine with other nice people. The right way, in my opinion.

Bulk wine trade is new to the digital world. Transactions are ever happened via phone or email, until 2016 when the first digital platform, Bulk Ex, was launched.

Now they open a new platform, Bottled Ex, to trade wine in bottle through operators of bulk wine. “This is the first-of-its-kind B2B bottled wine trading exchange anywhere in the world, certainly with this level of trading sophistication” said Denys Hornabrook, co-founder and managing director of VINEX.

Why this? Mainly to have a best traceability of wine to international supermarkets, he says, and to offer further services to traders and customers.

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