Drones for Precision AG is a boom market

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Drones for Precision AG is a boom market

The market of drones used in Precision AG will explode to $23 Billions into ten years, says a BIS Research’s report, thanks to governments policies and funding, expecially from US, Germany, France, Australia and China.

These countries use this technology yet to improve their sustainable food production and its health.

Dones and Robot for Agriculture

The increasing demand for higher crop yield is growing, pushing the request for technologies in those countries with limited availability of natural resources; this request push countries with advanced technology to invest and research in precision AG. You can read my post about what industry is doing in robot for precision AG.

Robots and drones are also expected to improve the global food security and sustainability, reducing the ecological footpring of farming; China is a leader in the manifacture of integrated drone solutions, and it has a consolidated indoor market. Nowadays industry builds many kinds of agriculture robots, for harvest, pick, weed, and autonomous tractor.

PrecisionHawk Inc. (Raileigh, North Carolina, US) is one of the leading drone service providers; in April it launched the PrecisionAnalytics Agricolture project, providing aerial mapping and modeling for farmers. As a result, they can to process data from multiple drone fly to monitor area before planting season or before harvest. All these data can be aggregate and analyzed with AI system.

Drones for Precision AG speak all languages

Just this week Deveron Corp. (Toronto, Canada) entered into a partnership with Airinov (Paris, France) to build a system for managing in-season crop nutrient applications. Deveron built a network of drone developers, pilots and agronomers working with farmers, mainly dedicated to cereal growers. Airinov developed an alghorthm helped increase crop prices per acre.

Another France company, Delair, has expanded its drone-based solutions for agriculture, building a fixed-wing drone specifically for agriculture and forestry surveying; drones are paired with an IA based system to collect, manage and analyze all these data. This drones fly up to 370 acres in a single flight, and mount multispectral sensor to measure the plant level of most crops.

drone for agriculture
XAG JetSeed Granule Spreading System

China also is enhancing and accelerating its drone-based Precision AG programs; XAG is one of the world’s leading UAS (Unmanned Aerial System), with headquarters in Guangzhou and laboratories and research station in Japan, Australia, Germany. It launched this week a granule spreading system, JetSeed, mounted to a multirotor drone, designed to spread seeds, fertilizers, pesticides.

As co-founder Justin Gong said:

70 percent of the rangelands across China are in urgent need of revegetation; many countries are also facing the difficulty to spread grass seeds for grassland restoration

This is one of the biggest difficulties, because it needs to restore vegetation via selective seeding in rugged soils. 

Therefore, drone industry are more and more addicted in precision AG, working with data specialists, robot engineers, AI experts. It’s the most advanced technology we have, and all of them are cooperating for a better food, more accessible, secure and sustainable.

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