How South Africa wine business try to raise itself

south africa wine business

The wine industry was one of the market sector most affected by the lockdown, with hospitality and food; so South Africa wine business is equipping itself with a new digital platform for wine’s export.

Double stop for wine

South African wine industry has stopped trading twice: first during the lockdown, then due to the domestic ban of the alchool sale. Many lost their jobs as companies risked closing down. An estimate confirms that the South African wine industry lost 200 million pounds a week on exports during the five weeks of no exports and 300 million pounds a week of lost local sales. More than 100,000 jobs have been lost.

The Cape Export Network is a company made up of a team of wine experts in South Africa market. The digital platform for wine export born from an idea of Wesgro and Wines of SA; in the intentions of founders, it will help wine buyers and importers interested in South African wine to select purchases.

Users can filter their choices by type of wine, tasting notes and region of origin. Based on their selection, the platform will present the listed wines that meet these criteria.

With uncertainty about the future of major fairs, this digital platform will promote South African wines around the world. The use of digital technologies seems to be the strategy that South Africa wants to use to revitalize the wine market.

Like a DTC for Wine B2B

The platform also wants to be a stimulus for producers who, due to their little size, have never exported their wines. Among the services offered there will also be assistance for any commercial or legal problems.

Wesgro CEO Tim Harris said the Western Cape, the world’s eighth largest wine producer, has already sold around one million bottles of wine a day. The platform is free, but all those who register will be checked before they can access the services. Companies will also need to update their details quarterly.

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