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wine podcasts

Of course I’m a podcaster talking about wine, so I listen many wine podcasts. A musician listens music, a writer reads books, and therefore whoever makes podcasts listens others ones. 

The wine podcasts format

It is true that sometimes the listening panorama within the same category is rather flat. Finding something new, with a different format or even just some invention, is not easy, but there is something around.

The structure’s episodes is often similar, interviews with winegrowers and sommeliers, or two or three people chatting about wine. But it’s the conductor who create the right atmosphere, with their questions and interventions. And if you want to know how I make my podcast, you can read this post (soon in English too). In the meantime you can read what I learned making The Digital Wine podcast.

Here are the ones I follow most willingly; this means that I follow others ones as well, but not every episode. Of these on the list, however, I always listen all episodes. Four of them are in English, and my level of understanding also affects my choices a lot, maybe you would make a different list. If you want to have a slightly different list of wine podcasts from this one, I recommend this post on Wine Folly blog (which gave me the inspiration for my post).

The Grape Nation

It is one of the podcasts into Heritage Radio Network, I made an episode about HRN, you can search it here. It’s on-air weekly since 2016, apart from a few stops, and so far there are 150 episodes. The author is Sam Benrubi, who has been in the broadcasting world for 35 years. It’s an interview podcast. and produced 150 episodes so far. It is recorded and broadcast live on Wednesdays at 5pm on HRN’s network.

The host was senior director of Sirius Satellite Radio, a radio station both broadcast and online. The podcast’s slogan is We Bring Wine to the People. There are not only producers among the guests, but also sommeliers and wine critics. Interesting for the contents, less for the format.

Vino sul divano (wine on the sofa)

Only Italian wine podcast that I follow, but there are not many in Italian. Conductor is Jacopo Cossater, one of the most famous names in wine journalism (and not only) in Italy. His knowledge is indisputable and has a beautiful way not only to tell but also to listen, an essential feature for a podcaster.

Guests are the most famous personalities of the Italian wine world, producers such as Giovanna Morganti (Le Boncie) and popularizers such as Armando Castagno, to whom the first episode was dedicated. The podcast born in 2018 and produced two seasons of 8 episodes each. Unfortunately it has stopped since last year, so I hope Jacopo comes back soon to podcasting.

The first season dedicated to communication, the second to producers. Truly a pleasant, light podcast that can do good to the world of Italian wine. I highly recommend it.

Italian Wine Podcast

Podcast created by Monty Waldin, critic and wine writer who has always distinguished himself for following the evolution of natural, organic and biodynamic wines. He was the producer of the television program ‘Chateau Monty’ on the English Channel 4 where he talked about biodynamic wines.

It’s online since 2017 and there’re 384 episodes to date. Not all of them hosted by Monty, on the contrary the guests become direct hosts, like Steve Raye, CEO of Bevology, who talks about the wine market in the USA. Among the recurring guests, the best known is Professor Attilio Scienza who explains the mysteries of wine with the usual clarity. There aren’t many wine podcasts dedicated to Italian wine exclusively.

In fact, Friday is the day dedicated to scientific pills, with the hashtag #everybodyneedsabitofScienza. There are obviously producers, writers, sommeliers; interesting is the episode in which Monty interviewed Maureen Downey, founder of Chai Consulting, a company specializing in wine scams and sophistication. The producers are always Italian, even if not necessarily biodynamic.

Wine for Normal People

Among all wine podcasts I follow, this is one of the most interesting in my opinion. The host is the sommelier Elizabeth Schneider explaining to her husband M.C. Ice the words of wine and the secrets of tasting. Ice is a wine lover but not an expert, a ‘normal people’, actually.

The parts where Elizabeth talks about the scents of the wine they are drinking during the episode are funny, and that M.C. seems not to understand at all. The questions that her husband asks while Elizabeth explains the characteristics of the soil of a vine, or the organoleptic types, really help even those who don’t know anything about wine.

These are exactly the same questions that anyone would ask, any normal person at least. It’s online since 2011, with 340 episodes produced, lasting around 30-40 minutes.

Two guys talking wine

The only Canadian podcast dedicated to wine; the two guys talking about wine were both presidents of the Wine Writer Circle of Canada. The two guys are Michael Pinkus and André Proulx, and they host the podcast since 2016 for a total of 200 episodes.

As they write in the introduction, they have traveled and want share their knowledge about wine with us. The episodes take into consideration their tastes and stories of travels, especially in Burgundy. In this time they like many others as well, have devoted themselves above all to interviews with more or less unknown producers.

Photo by Robinson Recalde on Unsplash


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