Wine fraud prevention technology

wine fraud

Wine fraud prevention technology

The wine sold worldwide in 2018 was 285 million hl, so attention to wine fraud is a delicate job. This is why digital technologies can be a good help in verifying their authenticity.

Anti-counterfeit wine tag

The Seppeltsfield winery in Barossa, Australia, installed a NFC device developed by the YPB Group, a Sydney tech company, on the neck of its bottles. Any smartphone can read the device, called Vintail, with an app which the buyer can check with the information on the bottle.

The data are stored in the company’s cloud storage, reporting information about the bottle and the company. The Vintail can be installed on any object, and is particularly suitable for products of a certain value.

NFC devices are widely used against frauds, and wine is one of goods that is most suited the use of this technology.

Technology to authenticate wine

In addition to the Champagne labels with RFID and smart labels, you can read this post to learn more, even Chateau Margaux uses a technological system to provide its customers with proof of the authenticity of its bottles. They use a laser mark on its bottles, special paints for printing labels and an RFID tag on the neck.

Since 2009, wineries have been using this type of device; the first company was probably Chateau Montelena with the use of the tag called Prooftag; the protections with holographic marks are the most used, for ease of application and for low costs.

With the geographic increase of the market, more effective countermeasures are necessary and available to the final consumer. A smartphone app is the best solution, thanks also to the diffusion of cloud solutions; so it’s possible to give the customer informations about the wine, as well as the assurance on the authenticity of the bottle.

With the implementation of Blockchain in the supply chain, it will become more complicated to have counterfeit bottles; the alterations take place on prestigious bottles, and the auction houses need certifications that ensure them and the buyers.

Photo by Thomas Thompson on Unsplash

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