What’s happened to Equifax in July? and why this involve wine, IoT and your Digital Vinery?

A brief recap of what we know about.

If you are U.S. citizen you should know what Equifax is.

For all the others, it’s  “…  a consumer credit reporting agency in the United States, considered one of the three largest American credit agencies along with Experian and TransUnion” as Wikipedia says.

In its database are stored hundreds millions of names, addresses, ID codes, emails of their customs. Equifax provide a second security step for US citizens data.

Right in July, 149 millions of data are been stolen, and now 149 millions of customs and companies have their credit card number, passport, identity papers in the hands of those hackers.

At the time, no news about the way these data are been taken, but the point of this post it isn’t to learn how to hack a security company.

The point is to understand that no informatic system is completely safe, and now with IoT we have to worry us to close others doors.

Two years ago, two researchers hacked a Jeep Cherokee with their friend on board to demonstrate how weak was the security of wi-fi system of the car.

In October 2016 web sites as Netflix, Twitter, Paypal, suffered of a service down cause a DDOS attack (Distribuited Denial Of Service) launched from 20.000 IoT objects previously hacked and used as ‘zombie’ against these platforms.

With new devices as thermostats, lamps, sensors, fridges or toaster connected to Internet, in our houses or in vinery, we can easily leave the doors open to a cyberattack, our data can be stolen and our connected objects can be used as a Sleeper Enemy Soldier against us or against an Internet service.

The mainly used device to get cyber attack are CCTV, Closed Circuit TV: the cameras we use to defend our properties, home, shop. And vinery.

How can we defend us?

First of all, let install a good antivirus. If you don’t know how buy, ask to an expert of computer security. Yes, they aren’t cheap. But keep safe your data and your equipments in the vinery where you make your business is without price.

You should also follow these 5 simple step to secure our digital devices.

1 – Security policy: check what security update policies the vendor uses;

2 – Update your device: too often cyber attacks are performed using out-of-date software, also over your personal computer or smartphone;

3 – Change the password: when you purchase a new device, like a CCTV or a printer, you can access inside it using the default vendor password. Change it, and don’t use trivial password like 12345678 or qwertyuiop …;

4 – Secure your router: use the WPA2 security setting to access inside it and update the firmware;

5 – Buy certificated device: the cost of a good IoT device includes regular update and technical assistance; not ever so for cheap ones;

Using IoT in wine making can be a great help to automate some activities, to collect data from wineyard and market, to define a good sale strategy, but like all new things it has to be used in the right way.

It’s like your car, or your press machine, it needs maintenance and knowledge before to be used.


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