Technology is the today world, in all its faces. From buy-and-sell to travel, from search-your-love to drink-your-wine.

It is also the new way to make old things, in more easy way, less expensive, keeping off all those hard and annoying jobs that make heavy our work.

The 5 New Technologies to use among rows

So, this is a list of better 5 technologies you can use in the vineyard, a list born from observation of other winemakers around the world and what hi-tech companies are studying.

1 – Drones

Use of drones has become quite common, just use a Go-Pro (a little camera) to record and send in real time all what they see throughout their fly. Drones are useful to observe from top the state of health of a vineyard, or sketch it in a digital map.

2 – Digital Maps

To have a detailed vineyard’s map is not only useful, but nowadays necessary. You can have the exact boundary of vineyard and make it richer of data adding informations about yeld, health, soil parameters, productivity. With a simple Data Analysis software, you could understand how product grows (or decreases) depending by vintage or (hope no) diseases. And act accordingly.

3 – Monitoring sensors

They are small auto-powered objects, installed into the ground or between wires through the vines, sending in wireless mode data of the soil, grapes, leaves, trunk. Data goes to the computer (a collector) located in the cellar. Then the data can be manipulated from this collector or sent via Internet to the IT company sold you the system.

4 – Weather Report and Action

A meteo station is a normal view in the vineyards. They can alert if weather is changing and how, record the data and send them to the digital map of number 2, take an action when a threshold is exceeded, for example starting an automatic irrigation system.

5 – Robots

Robots aren’t those that stole the (old) jobs, but little mobile device solar battery-powered traveling through the rows, catching data in every point of vineyard or making simple actions as cutting harmful herbs.

So, there are many ways to use technology amongst the rows or in the cellar, from simpler to most complex.

And if you think that it’s difficult to use them, you can still send me an email to ask some explaination. I will be happy to help you.


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