Digital Disruption and Wine Industry

A winery that wants set out in the use of digital technologies, has a long way to do. It seems a kind of alchemy, a dosage of different elements, a little of Big Data, a little of drones, then monitoring and yes, let we add a robot around the vines. Can we add Blockchain too? Why not, but drop by drop.

So, why Digital Transformation?

For some year now, it speaks about Disruption, a completely destructive event more or less like the meteor who wiped out the dinosaurs 60M years ago, or like the dot com bubble who wiped out unprepared at March 2000. Well, and what happens after that?

After dinosaurs the Humans arrived, and you know how it’s over. We are here.

After 2000’s bubble, when the dust has settled, survived only firms with an hard business model, that understood how to use new tools and, mainly, that knew to have to learn day by day.

Excite! exists no more, Lycos was sold for 94M$ (130 times less than its purchase price), sold none dog food can.

Welcome in the modern Digital Disruption, in the next year your company, your winery, will undergoes an epochal transformation. So, start walking and don’t look back.

You’ll must to modify production methods, your model business, your tool to make the everyday things, the way to check the supply chain.

Digital Disruption and Wine Industry

For a winery it means for example to use data coming from satellites network to understand how leafs and ground are going to modify because climate change.

It means a little robot moving itself between rows making analysis of grapes, identifying problems and acting only where it needs.

“Hi, I’m a ground sensor. It seems the soil is a little dry. Must I advise the water pump to irrigate this piece of vinery?

“Hi, I’m the weather station. Don’t worry, in a two hours it will rains, so we can save the water”

“Ok, I trust you”

More or less, this is a dialogue between the IoT devices in a modern vinery.

If you have a little robot powered by a solar cell, it should help you when you aren’t able to stay in two place at the same time. And if you have a very big vinery, or two little ones but not near one each other, you know what I’m speaking.

You could know that mister Jones in Birmingham are drinking your wine bottled exactly from the number 5 barrel, so you could send him an email saying this and a little coupon to invite them in your vinery.

Save money, water, drugs for your vines only knowing what and where, and acting punctually.

Send a self-driving truck to load the bulk wine in its tank, carry the wine to destination and find another self-driving truck with bottle ready to be filled and carried out to wine shop.

Well, when you’ll begin the road for your digital transformation, this will be what happen you. It will be a great adventure, but if you don’t start now, it could be too late.

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