Satellites and AI map Australian vineyards

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Satellites orbiting around our (spherical) planet aren’t only for telecommunication or spy activities, but they are more and more used to monitor environmental health, of atmosphere, soil and waters.

Photos, Algorithms and Vineyards

The project GAIA (Geospatial Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture) was displayed at the Geosmart Asia & Locate Conference 2018 in Adelaide, Australia. It’s a machine learning algorithm using informations coming from the satellite network to map and monitor the soil.

It has been developed by Consilium Technology in partnership with Digital Globe and Wine Australia, and next year they will used it to map all 65 wine regions of Australia: this month (september ’18) a test phase in Margaret River and Tasmania to set up it will start.

Digital Globe, the biggest company providing satellite imagery in Very High Resolution, will put its data into the Consilium Technology GAIA algorithm, and the AI start to measure and draw the vineyards, and inspect the grapes.

But there isn’t only artificial intelligence: most importantly, the Wine Australia winegrowers will check data AI provide them, correcting the inevitable initial errors.

The expertise that Consilium Technology and DigitalGlobe bring is very exciting. Moving to a technology-based solution improves accuracy and timeliness and removes a reporting burden from our grapegrowers [Wine Australia CEO Andreas Clark]

AI and the winegrowers

After experimentation time, in the 2019 all Australia vineyards are going to mapping, and so on for others two years, to have three complete vintage of data and look at the changes (or not) after every harvest.

Winegrowers will use data to know the state of health of their vines, because with IR (InfraRed) imagery the NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) can be measured.

Producers will access to all data via a desktop or mobile interface, watching data inside the real map of their vineyards. This will be a great help in making decision process, to have a database with all wine regions, and eventually have a bigger knowledge.

Hence, Australian Wine Industry present itself as the spearhead of technology in the world of wine, spending many time and money in these  and others new projects, to find the right equilibrium between the New and Old world.


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