Tech Startup and Little Winemakers

Tech Startup and Little Winemakers

You know, Millennials like wine, and they buy it. Online, of course, using dedicated app, e-commerce platforms, and subscribing to wine club, the modern version of paper review.


The wine is no more a snob or luxury good, or addressed to a few experts; following suggests from wine club or platforms like Wine-Searcher and Vivino, everyone can become a wine lover.

What Tech can does for Wine

Selling wine through borders is difficult because the different laws in each nation, but is near impossible if you are a little vinery or an independent winemaker.

If you haven’t a large distributor, you can spend  much more money and time than to produce the wine. The digital platforms can address this obstacle, putting more kind of wines into the shelves or in the customers glass.

Technological startups are searching problems to solve, and the international trade of wine is one of these for little winemakers.

As Craig Davies, Chief Marketing Officer at Tasting Room, said to Inverse, “It’s a very difficult landscape to navigate, and there hasn’t been as much innovation as there should have been in the past few decades

Two nice Wine Startups

Tasting Room is a tech startup founded in 2009, obtained a 5,8M $ Series A fund in 2010 and bought from Lot18 (source: Crunchbase)

It offers its customers a set of six mini-bottles to taste the wines. After tasting it,  they can buy just the wine they prefer, giving a feed back to Tasting Room.

This helps it to show to its customers wine they like and build a wine-profile In this way it can propose wines from little winemakers want to enter in the big circle of wine trade.

All regulatory obstacles are solved by Tasting Room, so the vineries have just to deal with making wine and put it into the bottles.

Another one is Naked Wine, a UK based tech startup selling wine made from very little winemakers, helping them with crowdfunding.

It launched in 2008 and a 10 M£ fund in 2013; in 2015 was bought by Majestic Wine at 70 M£ (source: Crunchbase)

For Naked Wines too, the law about wine is an obstacle for the today ways to sell wine abroad. When you enter in their platform, you can buy wine all around the world, with not-so-fashion labels but carefully chosen.

More important, you can become an Angel subscribing their month plan; your subscription is a kind of funding for vineries they are in its e-shelf. When an Angel buys wine, they have up 50% discount, 1 bottle free at month and they can choose wine from a private catalog. In a few time, an Angel can refund their subscription price and fund a little winemaker.

Little vineries enter in the global market

Startup as Tasting Room and Naked Wines help vineries to cut costs and offer a market that vineries could hardly reach.

Thanks to technology, also little producers can join the global market, without problems with different laws and rules from every country.

In one unique point, all that expensive intermediations that a wine producer couldn’t pay are concentrated.

Technology can democratize the market of wine.

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