The Dec. 4 in Sonoma (CA), five winners were honored with the WINnovation Award, an event created by Wine Industry Network to celebrate the most innovative suppliers and professional about wine industry. The award was born in 2013, and in the years it saw winners like Nomacorc, eProvenance and Fruition Sciences

Award for wine innovationThe event took place inside The Wine Industry + Beer & Spirits Awards, with 19 winners for Individual and Suppliers categories.

These prizes are important not only for winners, but for all the wine industry also, because are the testimonials of the great wine business vitality, with companies, professionals, wineries ever searching the best way to make wine, deliver it, advertise it, study it.

The five 2018 WINnovation’s Winners are:

BevStrat (Brian Rosen, president)

DIAM Bouchage, partnered with G3 Enterprises (Francois Margot, director of Sales, DIAM North America)

Emetry (Paul Mabray, CEO)

Prosurix (Steve Glamuzina, CEO)

VA Filtration USA (Bryan Tudhope, president)

I’ve already interviewed Paul Mabray last year, so I hope to make a chat with others winners in the next days.

To all winners, my personal congratulations for this Award in wine innovation, better, in WINnovation

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