How to create a nice video to promote your Wine Business

video for wine marketing

Every communication channel has its own target, and every target has its own language. Creating video to promote wine business it’s completely different than writing a post or a review: in video you have to put less words and more actions.

The knowledge of all technical video devices is a good stuff, but first of all there is the way you tell your story, your mood.

You can play a song, sketch a comics, write a post or play a video; all these media have their own language.

Particularly, video is a media where you look at the protagonist while he or she does something, alone or with other people. So, as I wrote before, a video needs action, movement. A video in a digital channel as YouTube or IG TV or Vimeo is a short story, where you have to keep your visitors close the monitor from begin to the end.

How can you do this? Here they are 5 points I think every video must to have.

1 – Early Branding

Start from the beginning with your brand’s name. You can use a sentence like “Hello friends from Wine Bar MyOwn“, or “Hi all from John Doe by Doe’s Vinery“. Or, better, show your logo all time long, for example a bottle of your wine, or a case with your name, a glass with your wine bar written up. The viewer haven’t to read title of video to remember your brand, it must be in front of her or him, ever visibile. Or, you can take it off during the video, and put it back in the end. In every way, you’re playing the video to let know your brand, your products, so show it at the beginning

2 – Subtitles

Make your video usable also without sound. If you’re are explaining your menĂ¹ offer or how to shake a cocktail, let’s show your followers how to do it, writing the ingredients in subtitles or in a sheet in the side of image. Your gestures have to speak for you; of course you can speak, but the video has to keep itself understandable without the sound also. Do you want to check if your video is effective? Turn off the sound: if it is understandable in the same way, it works.

3 – Format

What device do your followers are going to use to view your video? If a smartphone the natural format is Vertical, mainly if you think to publish it on Instagram Stories or IGTV. So play it in Vertical way, that is the natural format of a bottle. If you think to publish it on YouTube, you can use Horizontal format also, showing a larger landscape of your wine bar, restaurant or vinery. Think where you want to publish ‘before’ playing video

4 – Time

Tell your story using the time it needs, no more, no less. Let’s decide the topic of your video and run your story, in 10 seconds or 10 minutes, but every instant has to be important. Ok, videos no longer than 10 minutes are better than 1 hour ones, but it depends from your capability to make addictive your story. Time is strictly joined with the last point.

5 – Rhythm

Your story must to be running, don’t sit down on the moments, if you’re not speaking, act. Sketch your video as a comics, think every scenes as a cartoon, one action, another action, another action, and so on. Those scenes where two or three people drink a wonderful wine, looking in the eyes one each other, sitting down in silence, it’s really, really annoying.




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