Video killed the wine video star

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Video killed the wine video star

It is certainly not easy in this time to deal with wine’s events. Wine’s synonymous with friendship and closeness and joy; it can’t be presented on the other side of the screen. But that’s what many wine show organizers have found themselves doing, sometimes quickly, to still allow wineries to present their labels.

There are new ways to talk about wine, as they did for example at the Milan Wine Week, with the widespread events concluded just before the end of the fairs and with live virtual appointments with international buyers. I saw some YouTube videos of MWW, where master classes and tastings were filmed.

Wine’s events and suitable format

And here we are at the point of the post, the language to use. I think we can say it in quiet serenity, posting videos of over an hour on YouTube with people talking in a low voice or in a monotone is a mistake. This is shown by the views, ranging from 8 to 27. I don’t know if they took the trouble to measure the viewing time and how many of the 27 reached the end of the video.

It’s a shame; as any communication expert could tell you, the format is completely wrong. It would have taken some innovative editing, some videos from the guest cellars for example, a less plastered attitude. The videos proposed by The Wine Show Creative Team can be a good starting point to understand what to do.

I want to emphasize that this should be taken as a constructive criticism: trying to go digital is not easy. Preparing wine’s events in a health emergency like this has meant working quickly, using old and inadequates formats and bringing them to digital channels. Precisely for this reason it would have taken more advice from those who know it.

I’m not a digital communication expert, so my observations are those of a visitor, a wine lover; not being able to come to Milan I’d look at what I had missed. Maybe I would have been bored in person too, but I could have a little chat with my armchair neighbors. But from the viewer’s point of view, the videos gave me nothing and, above all, they didn’t convince me to buy or taste those wines. No more and no less than I already was anyway.

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Too serious to talk about wine

The videos of Wine Pairing Passione Gourmet, which you can always find on the MWW channel, certainly offer more potential to a dynamic format. But even in this case one falls into the error of not exploiting the possibilities of editing. They have to cut some part, speeded up, helped for example with a soundtrack in the background. The TWS Creative’s video producted for Château Malartic-Lagravière are fully different: 3 minutes shorts, nice voice (is Joe Fattorini, right?), simple format, no complicated background.

As I wrote in this post, time is important: choose how long you want make your video for the right media. And, please, put a little smile on your face! Wine is joy and happiness, not a philosophical idea.

MWW has really a lot of material, almost a hundred videos, from half an hour to almost two; there’s a lot of material to keep the viewer’s interest high, waiting for the next video to be released. Just an heavy editing job.

However, both for the MWW and for other events dedicated to wine, I realize that this was an experiment. The smudges, the errors, are completely understandable and excusable. The real mistake would be to pursue this path also for the next events, for the next fairs. Combining face-to-face events (when we’ll can get them back), with digital events, must be the new language that event organizers dedicated to wine will have to learn.

There are so many great creators on YouTube, as well as on other social networks. Just look at what they do and think about how to make that format your; in a video to talk about wine, the territory, its characters and its stories you have to be easy.

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