Wine Digital News – No.6

The biweekly column that collects some of the most interesting articles on digital wine is online. In this number:

  • Digitalization of supply chain for wine&spirit in France
  • Look into the bottle peering through the cork
  • Life on Mars, with vines
  • Pick a bottle and make a blind taste. With an app
  • Not a cryptocurrency, but a cryptobottle
Photo by Kace Rodriguez on Unsplash

Digitalization and share

The union make the force, so French industry of wine and spirits decided to share their informations and all news about their business. The project Cave Digitale is based on the platform you can find at Thanks to this web site you can build a bar-code label with all informations about the path of the bottle, from maker to seller. All informations are shared for all subscribers of the service, other makers or trade partners.

To uncork or not to uncork?

Three students of the Université Technologique de Belfort Montbéliard at Sevenans, France, asked themselves what happens at wine when it rests into the bottle. Well, you can uncork it and drink. Right, but what if you didn’t want to? The special cork of these students is an overcork with a needle and a sensor that collect acidity, oxidation rate and others parameters. You can read all the analysis from your smartphone, with informations about the right time to drink, finally, the wine.

Great vintage, the 2154

No, it isn’t a refuse; NASA is thinking to plant vines to build an environment on Mars where the Humans can live. The project involve the National Museum of Georgia at Tbilisi with a system of vertical vines to make them grow over the martian surface. It will be interesting to taste that wine, the red one, of course.

An app for a blind taste

For a group of wine lovers, blind taste is a nice game. Recognize the wine with its smell and taste is a proof of our knowledge, and it’s ever cool to get the right answers and discover we are right when the bottle is uncovered. For this, now, there’s an app. Just take a photo of the label and WineGame will show you some questions about that wine, with three attemts for each one. An interesting way to learn more and more about wine or spend a nice evening with friends.

Crypto winecurrency

It seems that everyone in the world wants to build their own cryptocurrency. The IT engineer Mike Barrow, owner of the Costaflores Vinery in Mendoza, Argentina, launched an exchange platform where blockchain tokens can be exchanged with wine bottles. Use of bitcoins to pay wine it’s not so unusual, but what Mike Barrow thought it is. You can have only bottle of MTB18 wine, a blend of Malbec, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon.

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