Wine Digital News – No 7

There’re many things that technology can do for the ancient art of wine making:

  • Spain discovered wineTech, an old post from Cisco
  • Report from Viva Technology
  • Hot to use the Business Intelligence in Wine
  • What French do in marketing thanks digitalization

This is a 2-years-old post, but it’s interesting to know how a great Tech firm like Cisco works to drive the wine industry into the technological one. The director of agricultural data company AgroMapping, Fran Garcia Ruiz, talks about the multispectral analysis method to study the health of vines and grapes.This improves also the utilization of drones, and Cisco provide its technology.

VivaTech is a convention that happens yearly in Paris. This year there weren’t only devices and software, but also solutions for wine and spirits, like devices to make cocktails, a connected aerator for wine bottles, devices for Augmented Reality to training in wine, tools for agritech. Very interesting.

There are really many data about wine, its customers, its producers, its supply chain. But, how to use them? Big Data for wine can provide an answer to improve package, way to communicate and show the wine. And understand what customers like, it’s the first rule to sell a good product. Data analysis is ever more important, nowadays, because thanks data we can find the behavior of customers, but also the best place to show the wine.

An interesting experiment about digitalization in the wine industry is the Cave Digitale, a French service to allow producer and distributors to use the power of e-commerce and wine clubs. The main feature of this project is the tracking of the bottle and information about wine and vinery. All in point of finger.

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