Today every politician advise us that digital technology will stole our jobs. Robot and AI will substitute us in our daily work but will it really be so? Technology will not steal anything, but it will transform everything. The real problem is the speed of change, much faster than in the past.

In 20 years we moved from a phone with a combinator disk to an object we can activate with voice to communicate, buy, book, manage. Many of our daily activities have changed.

So, how our wine passion has changed?

Three features of digitalization of wine, one is critical

First, we have much more channels where we can buy wine. We can browse our e-vinery network and choose the bottle we want, without move from the chair. Thank to the smartphone, we can do the same when we are in the restaurant or at a party at friends’ house.

Second, we can have more information about that bottle. QR-code or RFID can give us all news about the travel of the bottle, the variety of grapes, the exact place where the vineyard is. And suggest us a way to contact the vinery for a visit.

Third, we can access to a database with info about a kind of wine. Let’s suppose you want to know all about Cabernet Franc. Where it is cultivated, who are the greatest makers, how much to pay for a 2012 vintage. Well, if these data were available, with an app you could know everything about this.

The latest point is the critical one.

Data are the new taste of wine

There are currently no such news, or they don’t exist in public, but I think that this would is the next step for Digital way of Wine.

Wine makers want, everyone, sell their wine, right. But the number of people want to buy it are far bigger than the bottle everyone of them produces, so sharing data with other wine makers it will not decrease their sale ability, but instead it would help them to make a region or a type of wine known.

It should be the perfect way for little wine growers to have an added value respect than the bigger ones.

As it’s easier to transform a little city in a Smart City, so it will be easier to transform a little vinery in a Smart Vinery.

The secret is share data, share the expense, and share the results, and with digital technology this is easier than ever.

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