Internet has changed our way to do many things, from speaking one each other to rent a car, from buy a Swiss-knife to read a book.

Little stores, and someone of greater ones, see customers go away from their shops attracted by e-commerce platforms, where they can buy everything from everywhere in the world at a lower price.

This problem is known as Retail Apocalypse, the break-down of classical stores and the jump-up of the e-commerce.

Little and less little shops are closing, not for the financial crisis but because their customer choose to buy from their smartphones.

Wine Sale Apocalpyse?

We can, and we really do, even buy wine, after reading tasting notes from other wine lovers, searching the best price and the best online wine shop.

Here there is the problem.

Greater web platforms have the power to manage their own logistic department, and in a few days you can have your preferred wine bottle over your table. For little wineshops is more difficult, more times there are only one or two people to lead the activity.

It seems that Internet, for little ones, stopped itself out of the store.

The first question a wine seller has to ask herself is if her customers were changed: Before Internet, people got in the shop without any knowledge of what wine they would buy, and the expert behind the desk drove them to right bottle. After Internet, all of us can be experts or find easily one, using Wine blogs or dedicated apps to pair food & wine.

So, what can a wine seller do? This is a serious problem, for wine seller mainly and for us that have learned art of good wine in a wine shop, tasting wines, hearing wine makers, talking about wine with others wine lovers.

The art of tasting cannot be learned on the web, you have to feel the scent, see the colour, try to taste the acid or tannic or softness in your tongue. How to save the knowledge inside a wine shop?

Selling Wine in the Internet Era

A wine store cannot be competitive for price against the big wine sellers platforms on Internet, so it have to give to its customers an added value together the bottle, like as weekly lessons about wine, about health and the danger of alchool abuse, a story around a bottle or a tale from an old wine maker.

Wine sellers have to transform their wine store in a wine-lovers hub, to give to their customers those User eXperiences Internet doesn’t, an human UX. They have to personalize.

But it is still not enough.

Wine sellers should use Internet as a friend, not as an enemy, because the Web is stronger than them; but I never heard owners of wine store to discuss of this.

“We may be starting to order like the Jetsons,” the analysts said. “But most Americans still shop like the Flintstones.”  (Goldman Sachs Analysis, from

They need a brain-storming-briefing to throw on the table all their ideas to save themselves.

They need to try-and-discard solutions, until they find the right one.

They have to do it right now.

The enemy it isn’t Jeff Bezos or Jack Ma, they rather should be the boost for a new business model for those shop selling wine in the Internet 4.0 era.

Because we, the Wine Lovers, wouldn’t want to see them to disappear.


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