How hard the beverage management is for a restaurant or a wine bar? Print the menu, count the bottles, sum the total of glasses your customer drink, can be a difficult job.

Choose the beverage from iPad

Using the Uncorkd system you can save a lot of money and time managing your cellar and the menu your customers read choosing what wine, beer or spirit they want drink.

It’s a platform where you can upload the list of drinks you sell, so the customer can see all infos about it, got from a huge database of 200,000 beverages. These can be displayed on a tablet where the drinkers can choose¬† from what to drink.

You can add items or remove them, write an advertising about your special night or somewhat else you want, without needing to print another menu. 

Inventory, analytics, purchase: the digital beverage menu

With the interactive iPad menus, inventory management, purchasing, menu analytics and real-time sales data is a simple job, useful for restaurants, hotels, private club.

Most importantly, another interesting Uncorkd’s feature are the analytics, displayed on a laptop to check how sales are going; as a result, a place with a great number of beverage sold every day can understand what is the most sold drink in the week.

There’re over 17 technology products used to realize their platform, like Google Analytics, WordPress or the G Suite platform of Google.

Uncorkd was found in 2010 by Josh Saunders, has 5 employees and the headquarter is in Chicago; it raised 125,000 $ in two debt financing rounds.

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