The right Social Media for Wine

Social media is the way how to market every product, good or service. It’s the same for wine, of course. Facebook pages, twits from the cellars, tour around vineyards on YouTube, glass and bottles on Instagram, and so on.

Well, there’s nothing else around, but every social media has its own features: short videos, stories, filter for images.

Pairing Wine and Social Network

And every media has its own target, its own way to use it, its own marketing strategy. 

This is the reason because doesn’t exist the right media: it’s about brand, not object.

If you want display yourself to Millennial Generation, use Instagram and YouTube to show tasting events, parties, fun wine moments, landscapes.

Instagram is, in my opinion, a nice way to display your wine, your shop, your restaurant. You can shot very funny photos, the limit is only your fantasy.

I like Vinepair IG account, there’re really good images not only about wine, and I really love Winefolly and her infographics. 

IGTV, the new video section of Instagram, permit you upload 10 minutes videos made from smartphone, could be the new video media.

On YT there are not so much wine channels, the Jordan Vinery‘s one is the more fun and creative; you can learn very much looking at their videos. Gary Vaynerchuck is a great wine lover and a giant in communication, in his channel he speak about wine, sometime.

Your followers can comment your image on IG or your video on YT and you can interact with them, very fresh and light way to create your young brand. 

Facebook and Twitter are good for news about your activity, to remind an event, to engage your follower in a speedy way.

If Fb seems to suffer a down of popularity amongst young generations, it’s not so in the 40-50 age, the people with good budget to spend in wines. 

TW is the place where wine and food critics are, thus a good place where you have to stay. With these two socials you can easily connect with your customers, answering their questions, tell them a story about your job or your daylife.

It’s about the brand, not the product

A social media it isn’t a way to sell directly your product, is for advertising and engage your fans, is for grow and consolidate your brand, to make you remember from your customers.

So your post, images or videos have to be interesting, funny, they have to intrigue who are seeing them, with your media content you can teach some tip&trick about wine and its service, or you job into the wineyard.

Your social page have to have simple everyday contents.

If you cannot use all social media, let’s choose one keeping in your mind your typical customer, your wine lover, and make post, video, photos thinking about them

The better way is don’t speak straight about wine, make it display in the background, your face and your vinery or your store are important, now; social is to connect people not objects or products. You and your brand are the link with the product.

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