The tablet is one of those devices that, when you get used to using it, you can hardly do without it. It is useful for reading a book, comfortably writing a document, updating a blog or managing your own wine cellar.

Compared to a smartphone, it has the advantage of being more easily readable, since screens usually range from 7″ to 10″, and in the last two years have become much lighter.

My old iPad 2, although excellent in every other respect, could hardly be called a feather!

With a tablet you can display a website or platform virtually as if you were on your home or office desktop, and sometimes it is even better.

And among the tablets, in my opinion nothing can beat the Apple iPads.

No wonder so there are many apps written specifically for the bitten apple’s tablets dedicated to the management of the winery, from the wine list, to the tasting notes, to the number of bottles on the shelf.

Here are some, you can find others directly on the Apple Store.

VinoCell is probably the most complete among those I found; allows you to enter the tasting notes, up to three photos for each bottle, manage the position inside the fridge or on the shelf, It has a database of over a million labels, from which you can tap to enrich the cards of your wines.

Last update: November 2017

Price: 8.99$

WineCellar Database allows you to load your wines choosing them from their database, adding your own notes and ratings. The wine list can be downloaded in a spreadsheet format, or you can upload a new one directly from your CellarTracker profile, another app dedicated to wine and purchase. The free version is limited to 10 labels, other space can be purchased (500 bottles cost $ 4.99)

Last update: November 2017

Price: free until 10 bottles

Corkz is quite famous, it was born as an add-on of the aforementioned CellarTracker. It allows you to do a lot of things, choosing your wines from their database of 1.7 million labels, adding tasting notes, evaluations and personalized photographs. In addition to building your own personal cellar, you can search for wines from each wine region, using the search bar or by scanning the bar code on the bottle (those that have it).

Last update: April 2018

Price: 1.99$

Vinoteka allows, in addition to the characteristics of other apps, to backup the personal winery on Dropbox; allows you to keep the list of your wines divided from the database wines, adding tasting notes and evaluations. Good suggestions for pairing with food.

Last update: April 2016

Price: 7,99$

WineBook Pro offers the possibility to share the personal cellar on iCloud, and the bottles can be recognized directly with a scan. If you cannot find them in the database, you can of course add them with price, ratings and of course photos. There are no number limits to the bottles you can insert.

Last update: March 2017

Price: 9.99$


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