There was many changes in Wine-Searcher platform, in the way to offer better services to winelovers and workers of wine industry.

The first is that Martin Brown, founder of Wine-Searcher in 1999, is no more the CEO; at his place now there is Julian Perry, ex Limitless CEO. 

Julian Perry, Wine-Searcher CEO

World is changing quickly, and they need other visions to run to stay in step. Wine-Searcher is now the ‘Google of Wine’, with its giant database with prices, tasting notes, information about grapes and regions. It’s a powerful tool for every wine lover and every people who have interest in the wine industry. I think we all have to be grateful to Martin Brown for this.

How the press release reports:

What amazes me is how slowly it all took shape. You read about booming IT companies, but it took seven years before I could pay myself a salary. We have been organically growing without VC funding for years. When we started out, the sort of search we did was simple compared to what we show now about wine, spirits and beer. Tasting notes, encyclopaedic content, market demand and supply data as well as where to find the wine you want to drink. These days we are at the forefront of what’s happening in IT – natural language, pattern recognition, and clustering algorithms that we use in conjunction with our expert wine matching team.

In the same way of continuos improvement of platform, are the full re-designed mobile app and the born of Casey the bot helping who search news about wine and pairing with food. It’s a beta-version, in my opinion, but it’s growing and improving. As Perry says:

We are providing tools that help all types of users from the expert to the enthusiast. While continuing to be an independent and transparent international resource for the wine trade.

Martin Brown

The wine recommendations are central in the info showed, and is fundamental to say that Wine-Searcher is fully transparent about sales of wine, and its independence in the wine trade is underlined both Perry and Brown. 

Melting IT and wine is an hard job, and 20 years ago, when Wine-Searcher born, was harder than now, but Martin Brown and his team was able to do a great work to build what is universally known as the most complete platform for wine, used by resellers, wine lovers, wine makers. 

So, my personal best wishes to both for their new life into Wine-Searcher.

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