A chat with Wenda about supply chain

The Winemakers succeed very well in controlling what happens in the vineyard and in the cellar, and they know exactly how his own wine will be, but control stops when the bottle is bought. So monitoring the wine supply chain can get an added value to that bottle.

Check the wine supply chain

Sending a case of wine to Hong Kong and don’t know how own wine will be dealt in, could be a problem for wine producer, because every bottle not in perfect state will be a bottle less that she will sell, and without to know where the problem is born and who or what the responsibility is.

A collector spending thousands $ for a 50-years-old bottle, want to be sure that the bottle is been well preserved through the travel and, above all, that the bottle is the same came out from the wine maker cellar, and not a fake.

A system that faces this challenge comes from Wenda, a startup from Bologna, Italy, created in 2015 from a group of people leaded from Antonio Catapano, an italian engineer with 20-years experience in management of integrated Supply Chain, with many great customers.

He cooperated with Department of Agricultural Science of Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna University, and there his passion and knowledge for wine born.

I contacted mr. Guido Rossi, Sales&Marketing Manager at Wenda, to understand how Wenda works and who their solution is addressed to.

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Wenda is an electronic device can be inserted on the neck of the bottle for a one-to-one monitoring process, or positioned into the case to check the whole shipping. Three are the purpose of our device:

1 – Monitoring of environment conditions of the bottle, like temperature, tilt, direct irradiation;

2 – Defense from breaking and refilling;

3 – Communication of features of wine.[/wc_box]

How Wenda works

The components of solutions are three, Wenda App, Wenda Device and Wenda Platform.

What you see in the picture is the device, a sensor measuring parameters and then records them. These parameters can be reader by a common smartphone with NFC technology, the same that permit us to pay directly bringing our phone closer to a right lector.

The smartphone, thanks to Wenda App, read data recorded on the device and transfer them to the cloud where data are stored and made avalaible to reading.

Who make the Quality Check when the bottle arrive to destination, will can verify the environmental status of it, so as to understand whether the bottle has been tampered with during the journey. The device assure us the protection of the bottle, too, and is mounted on the top of it, so to avoid refilling attempts, that cheating technique where empty fine bottles are filled with cheap wine.

In this way is going to create a virtuous circle with all the members of distribution chain, useful when there are complaints or disputes between wine producer and carrier.

Data who winemaker, carrier and final customer see are the same for all, and it’s impossible any falsification

Find the right customer

Very nice idea, but I never put this device over my bottles! This a winemaker answered to our proposal. It’s difficoult to involve that traditional world to use new technologies. But, the market is changing, it’s going to this direction. 

After partecipating to international competition, Wenda started to attract interest of some investors and Business Angels. The development and prototype are all inside the company, the production is done outside. 

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… imagine a rich wine collector buying a 10,000$ bottle and, showing it to his guests, could display a Trace&Integrity Certificate, demonstrating that the bottle has never been broke and it has ever been treated with respect, from the vinery to his cellar. And that, with a smartphone, the bottle can tell its history.[/wc_box]

So, there was the problem to find interested customers. The wine world is a really traditional one, and an electronic device, albeit elegant and discrete, on the neck of the bottles seemed unattractive to some manufacturers.

The problem was solved segmenting the offer: the line Unique, for high and very high range, with a device for each bottle, and the Express line, for mass expeditions with the device put in the case or into the container.

To the cost of device, it has to add the cost for Wenda services, a subscription to view aggregate data, the analytics and marketing services.

Communications with Cloud

When the smartphone approaches the Wenda device, it uploads all data about bottle as parameters recorded through the transport, on a reserved cloud space, where the information about grape, vintage, technical paper, also are. It’s this that in Wend means when they speak of Certified Wine.

The next step is to find a nice design for every wine, a personalization on demand of the wine maker, and more over.

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