Four answers about Data and Wine Industry

In an interessant post on Enolytics, Cathy Huyghe ask herself why wine industry doesn’t like data. I invite you to read her post, than let’s go back. Please.

Data Analytics is only one of the technologies can be used for the wine business, but it’s important to focus over the four points Cathy knows to be an obstacle for wine makers.

I tried to answer her four questions, and whether you’re a producer or a seller I’d like read your thoughts about, here or on my fB page.

1 – Trust: Data are produced from everyone, on the Web. Using social network, surfing the Web, buying on a e-commerce platform, looking about your preferred television series, people generate data.

What you like, what country you come from, the moment of the day you’r looking a music video, how many money you spend for month, what web sites you are visiting, how many friends in your social profile, and much more.

There are many tools to harvest these data, tools that have a cost of course. You produce data, and your friends, your customers, your company-lovers.

Data are yours, why don’t use them?

2 – Priority: Yes, there are many things to do, and you have no time to add another item to your list.

But times changes, your customers are interested to share their opinion about your wine, find it and buy it thanks Internet. Sure, may be you have to rearrange your priority ladder, but this is what happens when a great revolution comes.

And to know of what your customers want, can help you to save a lot of time.

3 – Relevance of the Data Over Time: Data are a renewable product, every second there are thousands of posts, photos, music, tweets flowing in the web.

Tools can crop and analyze these data with all the speed it needs, and anyway wine data have a longer lifetime than other businesses. It depends from your targets and your goals.

Digital revolution bursts you to reorder your work’s way.

4 – Someone to Interpret the Results: sure, it’s so. But you need an expert to read the chemical analysis from your wine too, and a technicians to repair the air-cooler in your cellar, and so on.

The good news is that theĀ  software understands the result for you, get you the right numbers and leave you take the better decision for your business. With a little help from your data specialist.


Data aren’t a magic wand, of course, and may be you don’t need them. But you make wine because you like do it and because you want to sell it. And nowadays, marketing passes through data analysis, so are you sure you don’t need Data?

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