Wine Business meets Digital Innovation thanks Hospitality

I’m an Italian Wine Blogger, so I know Italy and a little of Europe of Wine. 

Here, every country, every little town has a story to tell to travellers across it, and you cannot imagine Italy, or France, Spain, Hungary, Mosella in Germany, without their vineyards. 

A romantic journey to wineyards

Starting by this think, may be we were ever wrong the way to drive Wine Business into Digital Technologies, to bring little wineries to adopt the digital way.  

Make a journey to visit a vinery is romantic, so you book a room with your smartphone, read some topic from your preferred travel blog, and look about just that restaurant recommended in a cool food blog. Well done.

But, if you aren’t a wine passioned, where you can read about wine of that region? You haven’t a web site with all vineries of that place, as well as you have a web site with all hotels and restaurants there.

Is it an idea for tech geek? Yes, it does.

So, wineries shouldn’t worry about sell their wine online, they has to work to bring customers into their vineries, smelling wine over the barrels and look the vines after harvest.

A winery don’t sell only a wine, a winery sells the story, literature, art of its around.

Three hints to use digital technology in wine marketing

A winery has to make in love the customer ‘before’ she is come in their country, and how can it do?

Three little ideas for this using digital technology:

1 – Digital Map to vinery, with Point of Interests around it, like beautiful views, ancient monuments, little museum; the customer can download the map into his/her GPS device when she’s at home, when she’s surfing in the Web for the hospitality in that places, or via QR-Code printed on a brochure catched in the hotel or on the bottle’s label in a market shelf.

2 – Showing the Vineyards on YouTube, so you can synchronize the GPS map with the audio explaining what are you seeing around. Not Google Street View, but a tale told by the wine grower herself. Cool, don’t?

3 – Virtual Reality of the place around the vinery, showing the life 100, 200 or 500 years ago: you point your smartphone and it display ancient Lords and Madams dance, or the heroic fight between White and Black Knight, and three or four guys drinking a bottle of wine.

When I was a sommelier, my Master taught me that to sell wine I had to make fall in love my clients with the story and the art lived into the bottle.

And I’ve ever sold my bottle of wine.

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