Sometimes reading a post on a wine blog or talking with a wine industry expert, you can hear that label on the bottle is a little speaking one.

They mean that the label reports very little information about wine into the bottle. You don’t know, for example, who has bought and who sold it.

Yes, they have right, but this era is going to the end.

Message in a bottle

Today Thinfilm, a Norwegian company addict to NFC technology, announced its new project, a Blockchain service which you can know with everything you want about the bottle and the wine into it.

Thinfilm has a great experience in NFC systems tracking, from bottles to bags, thanks its thin device, that can be included in every object without problem. Now, it goes one step beyond. 

Like you can read in their announcement, the CNECT™Blockchain Service is a way (‘the’ one way?) to Track&Trace the wine from vineyard to your glass. The NFC technology has a great potential, you can write a lot of informations in these little labels about wine and the bottle handover.

So why don’t write these infos in a public registry where everyone can read but nobody can delete or modify?

Transparency of informations, safety of the origin of the wine, knowledge of journey of the bottle until the table, is an important value for customers, and a Blockchain solution can make sure that all news about your preferred bottle are true.

Cloud, Blockchain, NFC

The system is built around the Thinfilm’s CNECT™ Cloud Platform and powered on the Ethereum blockchain app, so all transations are recorded into the blockchain and every customer can read them simply with a tap on their smartphone. It’s a complete IoT solution for wine trade.

By combining blockchain with NFC, Thinfilm is extending the capabilities of the CNECT Cloud Platform. As NFC allows brands to communicate directly with consumers following a simple tap, blockchain integration ensures trust and transparency that can lead to stronger supply chains and more satisfied customers

said Christian Delay, EVP Software for Thinfilm.

It’s a good news, traceability of the bottle is improved and frauds will be more difficult to realize.

And it’s a way which help customers and wholesalers in their shopping; disruptive technologies can change or improve our habits, like is in this way.

In the next days I’ll publish an interview made previously to Thinfilm.

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