Wine is a wonderful product.

There are many kinds of niches and related markets, there are fans, occasional drinkers, schools to learn to know and taste it. So, if you have any idea you can ask yourself if it can be have an application in the wine world.

Trading fine Wines

The co-founders of WineBourse, Matthew Starr and Michael Corcoran, saw the opportunity to create a platform to buy and sell fine wines when China removed its tariff over imported wines at February 2008.

People have ever trading in wine, and now “what makes it new is the ability to trade – buy, sell and realize those investments – is becoming much simpler, cost efficient“, Matthew Starr says.

With WineBourse, sellers and buyers can meet their needs, with a simple way to make bid and offer over a wine, until the two meet.

Our strategy to meet the needs of the e-retailers is through our API which provides real-time stream of live offers, and allow wine buyers and sellers to connect via the platform to trade (Michael Corcoran, co-founder and director at WineBourse)

Money transaction and custody are guaranteed by WineBourse and their WineCustody; the experience of Matthew Starr in financial markets (he worked formerly at JPMorgan) is the main characteristic of WineBourse, with easy exchange and quick.

Both private collectors and industry professionals can use the system, an efficient transport network make sure that wines can travel from UK and Europe to all other world regions.

This is an example how an experience in a sector can help to build a new business in a different market.

This is the power of wine, its flexibility, its beauty.

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