Future of Wine and Digital payments

Future of Wine and Digital payments

Digital revolution it isn’t only about technology.

It’s about education, work, leisure, trade and business. It’s a drive to transform human society all around the world.

Wine is an important part of human society, because it means fun, stay together, go around to visit wineries, go to a taste with friends, drink a bottle in a restaurant. All these activities need a payment method.

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Digital revolution is pay evolution

Digital revolution is going to transform the way we lead our business and creating new jobs and new business model.

Think about the digital payments in Internet, when you subscribe a monthly payments for Spotify or Netflix, for a online magazine or newspaper.

Before the digital transactions, you had to send your money through a bank and wait for a confirmation letter. If all was good, 2 week waiting.

Now, in just 1-click you have your good or service to your disposal.

Today I can buy a wine with my credit card directly to the winery, and I have to wait only the transport time of my bottle. But also this way to pay is going to change.

Cryptocurrencies are used more and more all around the world, and if a bad buyer could cheat you, using a cryptocurrency he doesn’t. 

Let’s look at this 2016 TED Talks by Neha Narula (@neha) about how money and cryptocurrency work.

Think about the cost of Exchange from $ and €, for example, or that some USA credit cards are not accepted in Europe or Asia, and vice-versa.

Are transactions a friction for business?

This is a friction for your business, both you produce goods or services. When I visit London, or Stoccolma, for example, yes, I pay with my credit card, but my € are changed in £ or SEK, and this charge over me some costs.  

Change of way to do business, historically has ever changed the way money go around, it changed also the kind of money people can use.

So, let’s start to think how your wine business will change with digital revolution of payment methods.

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