As we didn’t know to need iPhone, so we didn’t know to need vocal assistants. Yet neither Google Home and Alexa’s Amazon existed only three or four years ago. This is what happens when the great tech players start to play.

Digital technology is in the wine market, read this if you want to know more.

Hey Alexa

They started turning on lamps, or answering simple questions; nowadays we can ask them to choose for us from the shelf of an online shop. How can these digital devices used in wine market?

The Bottlerock Wine&Spirit in New York has started to use Alexa to sell its spirits using the Amazon Skill Kit. A skill is just what the word says: is what Alexa knows, is a piece of software installed into the Amazon cloud. When you ask something to Alexa, it connect itself to Amazon server and find the right answer for you. The Mars Agency, a marketing agency, created Bottle Genius skill, a spirit-specialized for Alexa, to help customers to shop spirits in the real shops. 

Mounted over the shelf in the shop, customer can ask to Alexa device what the best bottle they can buy, suggesting products stocked in the Bottlerock shop. 

To highlight the importance of the vocal assistants, the 2020 Future Wine Expo in Sonoma will have a section dedicated to this new side of wine digital market.

Photo by from Pexels


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