Wine Folly joins Global Wine DB

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Wine Folly joins Global Wine DB

Connecting technological platforms organizing data about wine and a wine blog, interesting, dynamics, with nice infographics. It’s a way that wine industry should be start to explore.

A new concept of Wine Data

I think all of you know Wine Folly, really the more interesting and funny account about wine. Her infographics are well know, yet, and her video tasting notes are catching.

The soul and the 2011 co-founder of Wine Folly is Madeleine Puckette, that won the Wine Communicator of the Year by International Wine and Spirit Competition.

In contrast, David Gluzman is not so known to wine lovers: he is the 2017 co-founder of BlackSquare and GWDB (Global Wine DataBase). It deals with building a global data base about wine, with infos coming from producers. I’ve interviewed David some time ago, read here the interview to GWDB.

wine folly and GWDB
Left to right: Matthew Protti (CEO – BlackSquare), Madeline Puckette (Co-Founder – Folly Enterprises), Ben Andrews (Co-Founder – Folly Enterprises), David Gluzman (CEO – Folly Enterprises)

Now the two companies, Wine Folly LLC and GWDB Inc, join together creating the Folly Enterprises Inc, and transition should be done into the 2019 Q2. David Gluzman will be the CEO. 

Folly Enterprises want to be a centralized data platform dedicated to wine, based with GWDB technology with purpose to collect, create and maintain information coming from producers with the richness of Wine Folly wine knowledge.

If there is one thing that plagues the wine industry – to its core – it is bad information. After seeing GWDB’s data model, I’m convinced this is the right direction for the global wine community. My goal is to help communicate this technical information to consumers, so that more people can learn about wine (Madeleine Puckette)

Therefore the new company is born to exploit two paradigms of the Net: the user generated content (UGC) and sharing, two powerful forces can grow every product or service.

Technological innovation, together fantasy and will of experimenting, will be the next goal for wine industry

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

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