The Digital Wine at Trento School of Management

At beginning of February, I was in Trento, host of School of Management to speak about digital opportunity in wine industry and making.

There was about 30 producers, importers, wine sellers.

With me spoke Mattia Nanetti from Wenda, I interviewed them last year, and he showed us how their jODYN IoT device works in tracking the travel of wine from vinery to shelf.

Very interesting the graph he displayed about the difference between the real recorded parameters of temperature and humidity and those established in agreement with carrier. 

Both you’re a wine maker or a wine mercant, this device is for you.

My 2 cents

My speech was about marketing transformation and how digital technology can help wine makers to produce and sell their wine.

I’ve spoke about IoT in the vineyard, app for wine tourism, big data and platforms to buy online and engage customers.

I’ve underlined that engage the customer nowaday is a must for create a community around a brand, and wine doesn’t exception.

Platforms like Vivino and Wine-Searcher are used from millions of wine-lovers around the world, and data analytics like Enolytics is now a common best-practice also for vineries.

Most of winemakers at the meeting was really little: less than 2 hectars, family vineries like many others in Italy, but I’ve explained that technology can be a great help just for little producers. 

I hope the message has arrived to listener, there is a long way to do in wine digital culture, but thanks initiatives like Trento School of Management does, we’ve started to walk.

In the next newsletter I give to my subscribers the slides (in Italian, but there were a few words).

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