Life and Death in Wine Startups

The Wine Industry is on the door of its great transformation, but overstep this threshold is a difficult choice.

Like in every revolution, the old way make resistance, and the new one is too young and weak to take the upper hand.

In the 2013 in Bordeaux born the Wine StartUps, a group of 13 members led by Gilles Brianceau, director of Inno’vin, an ‘company incubation’ facility at the Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin at the University of Bordeaux.

There are startups who built app for wine, companies data-wine addicted, digital platform about wine. You can read more in this post on

Unfortunately, there are no more news about it. Their web site is stopped at november 2015, last post in the Facebook page is November 2017, and we haven’t track about funds they was searching for. If you have any news about it, please say me.

A million pounds wine platform

Direct To Consumer is the new magic word, today. New sales channels born, and if there is a good business model, money comes. The online platform Winebuyers secure 1£ million from crowdfunding and private investors, Drinks Business says; it’s an online wine club where the gains arrive mainly from subscriptions of customers and vineries. They are focused around mid-levels bottles, from 5£ to 25£, and connect vineries to consumers. This is the demonstration of how much important is the right business model, than the technology.

DTC and Big Data

Using custormers data is the best thing than happened to Direct to Consumer marketing. All vineries can have an advantage from studying the informations of their customers, to offer them an ever better service. The vice president of sales and marketing at Chateau Montelena, Brian Baker, is hardly convicted in this, like Rob McMillan, founder and executive vice president of Silicon Valley Bank’s wine industry practice that said “I see a need for a big data product that’s approachable and useful for the industry”.

The DTC is the new way to sell and buy wine, no added costs, the better earn for producer and for consumer. And Big Data is a well-know technology, with many platform offering many solutions for every needs. Drink well, drink data!

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