In my opinion, there are 4 steps to get innovation in wine industry, as I told in february in a convention in Trento, Italy. If you want to approach wine and technology, first step is to approach wine and its consumers,

The magic word is Real Time

We spread around in the web billions of billions of informations, and they can be used for marketing, for public health, to improve industry manufacturing.

But with this growth rate, data can have a short life and what was true in the morning may be it is no more in the evening.

It means that you must to stay ever near them, knowing not their taste, but how they are changing it.

So, Real Time means that you have to know what your consumers want, why and how, not what they wanted yesterday, not what they’ll want tomorrow but what they want just in a couple of hours, to offer them a better user experience.

Big Data is a day-by-day job

This is more difficult than to elaborate data one-shot, it means an hard continuos job of everyday, modify own selling strategies, understand when is the best time to offer a wine or a discount or a travel in the vinery.

These are all things that an analogic seller know, because they see own customers in the eyes and shake their hand everyday,  but in a digital world you have only data to know who buy a bottle of wine.

To use data only one time is the same thing that to see a friend back after many time. They are ever the same people, but their habits are changed, their hair became whiter, wear glasses.

Technology and nearness with your wine label

Real Time it isn’t about data of your customers only. It’s about your trade and your business. For example, do you know where your bottle are drunk? It was at a party, at an elegant dinner, at a marriage?

Technologies like IoT, with a RFID device or a QR-Code on the label, can help you to know it, tracking bottle and the moment when it is uncorked. Following the label is a good way to stay near own customers.

Another way, not less important, is to answer the questions.

You can do it by email, with a chat bot, in a video session with your customers, but answer their questions.

You can build all technology you want, but without nearness to your customers, all their bit will be lost.

Real Time means to build a community around your products, not consumers but fans, and when you talk to them to explain a new wine, or a bad vintage, they going to hear you, just because they are your friends.  

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