As I wrote time ago, and more influencing people done, driving winemakers to technology is an hard job.

Wine lives in the past Century

There exist many other factors making this road uphill, first of all the natural tendency of vineries to stay true to their traditions, and as we know, innovation in wine industry is a long process.

Many vineries produce and sell their wines as they did 100 years ago.

If about quality of wine this can be a good thing, as far as trade is concerned the risk is to leave back many wine companies, mostly the older. New generation of winemakers is born, and wine market is moving toward Far East.  

Pairing Wine and Digital Technology

In the last 10 years the digital way to market created new trades, new way to buy, sell and pay. Wine club and wine e-commerce are increasingly presents and important, and DTC has a growing trend. At the same time, digital technologies are going to become simpler and faster.

Some great wine companies are talking and working with technological companies, and the Big Tech are looking about any good business, investing in some app or innovative platform, hosting them in their server. 

Wine industry can be a great accelerator for digital innovation, with its billionaire market made of import/export, fine auction, wine tourism, indoor market.

One push the other

And of course the opposite will also happen, Disruptive Companies can push vineries to use more and more their technologies, improving production, helping to reach farther market and people, monitoring the supply chain.

When both worlds will meet each other, and when one of FAAMGs (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google) and any great worldwide vinery will do a some kind of agreement, most of the others winemakers will follow them, pushing developers and digital industry to offer newer applications and platform, and new business model will born.

All this will ignite a chain reaction, building a positive spiral toward a basic transformation of wine world.

It’s just matter of time.

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