CellarTracker partnerships with Benchmark Wine Group

CellarTracker partnerships with Benchmark Wine Group

It’s time to parnership, apparently. Two great firms of the wine industry, one digital, the other concrete, resolving the same problem: how to sell a collection of luxury bottles to make place in the cellar? 

Not only collectors have this kind of problem, but winelovers too: where to buy a fine wine if you cannot go to a wine auction?

Wine online meets offline

A solution come from the partnership of CellarTracker! and Benchmark Wine Group; this is a good cooperation example between online and offline world, where each company use the competence and market of the other to build a new market. An example how wine market and digital innovation can create interest and improve services to customers. Read my post to understand why.

CellarTracker is one of the best platform to find the more interesting label, a particular bottle, to read the more important wine critics reviews, add your own tasting notes. It don’t sell wine. 

It added a feature to the platform allowing to customer to display the list of wine they want to sell in four steps:

  • Make a wine list
  • Submit your collection for appraisal
  • Packing & Shipping your collection
  • Bottle inspection & payment

First two step are made straightly from CellarTracker, and the logistics step is entrusted to Benchmark and its own services providers.

This partnership show all the advantages of the join between digital platforms and supply chain (not only in the wine market, of course): the customer can receive an offer in a few days, enter in a wide market of buyers, the complete managing of logistic operations.

And the Wine Club of Benchmark Wine Group has its advantages, offering to its customers a large list of fine wines.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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