The digital tools we have nowadays in our pocket can be used with little money and a lot of fantasy to promote and communicate wine. Little vineries have to use these tools. It’s important to have a right strategy and constancy.

Wine communication is not doing a good job for little vineries. There’re influencers for fashion, food, cars, movies, online games, but few wine influencer, and those work for big names of wine.

But wine is a niche product, only wine lovers are influenced by a wine review or a taste note, not people buying wine at mart. And wine lovers have many interest about little vineries.

Wine market has still on its side a great weapon: the tourism, the visit in the vinery, the nearness with territory, its story and culture.

So, here I wrote 3 simple ideas to use modern digital media in a digital communication for wine dedicated to little wine makers.

1 – Wine Blog

Wine blogs are, you know, very important to spread the knowledge of wine, so you have to involve them in tasting sessions, tour into your wineyards, test from barrels and the first bottles of the last vintage. Show them your terroir, the panoramic points and the historical places.

The tip is: organize a day where you present your last vintage. This is like great vineries do, so why little ones don’t? Go and look for bloggers living near your country, not only wine blogger but travel bloggers, fashion ones, photographers. Call your preferred restaurant to prepare one dish with the right food to pair wine to, present your wine in a few words.

You don’t need a big crowd of bloggers, not more than ten is a right number for a little vinery, but the news about you and your wine will go all around the web.

2 – Wine is photogenic

In a week, the interest products from posts about your wine blogger-day can be over. Then, go on to stand up your wine with some good pictures to post on Instagram and other socials. You can take a picture while you’re preparing wine for delivery, or when it is on truck.

Also a good 360-photo is a nice idea.

Ask restaurants and wine shops having your wine in the shelf to take it a photo and post it in your Instagram account.

The tip is: use Stories to show something about your wine or your wineyard. These will be displayed only for 24 hours, so publish them ever in the same day, in the same hour, Tuesday at 5:30pm, for exemple.

3 – Video tasting

Follow a tasting session by video can do a bad experience, if you do it wrong.

First tip, duration. It shouldn’t last more than 5 minutes, they are enough to create interest around your wine and talk about the terroir, the story and stories born into it. Don’t use in the description strange olfactory recognition, play easy.

Second tip, motion. Stay in a open bright place, show your vinery, the hills, the vines. Walk on with a glass of wine in your hand: viewers are interested about your wine, not you. Even better, show the road to reach your vinery, start from a well known point and take a picture along the path.

Third tip, ambient. Explain how to cook a good dish in perfect pair with your wine, and display ingredients. Play music in background, but in this case put attention to copyright: there are good places where take free music for your soundtrack. Be creative.

Use of digital tools it isn’t hard, it needs a bit of fantasy and time. Make tests, show them to your family and your friends, use the partnership with your customers like restaurants or wine shop to cooperate in the production of the video.

Call a good professional, if you have no time, listen their tips.

You have a great richness around your wineyard, learn how to use it.

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