Australia is driving well in the Wine Business world. Their export grew in the past years, so the quality. Communication and innovation are in this equation also, to explain the good results of Australian wine industry.

The next 18 October in Adelaide the Wine Industry IMPACT Conference will be held, with a focus about Direct To Consumers (DTC) and the importance that this trend has for all the wine business.

The event will be hosted by WISA (Wine Industry Suppliers Australia). That day will be present also the 15 companies finalist at the 8 categories of Wine Industry IMPACT Award, you can find all infos on the website. 

What is the impact of DTC in wine business?

How to make it better, how to engage most people, how to improve the delivery, how technology can help, how to link DTC and wine tourism?

These and other are the questions that the four keynotes and 6 workshop will try to answer to.  

In this digital era, it’s important to hold the analogical hand of wine makers to drive them in the new market.

To understand the leverage wine can have in many fields of economy is a step behind in the way to valorize this product, building new knowledge and new competences.  

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