Wine Business and Digital Innovation must talk to each other

Wine Business and Digital Innovation must talk to each other

It’s out of doubt that the web is the greater thing happened for marketing in the last 20 years.

The top 5 in Stock Exchange is a list of the bigger tech companies, tech start-up’s create new app, platforms and tools every hour, and information industry knows how much Internet changed the way to get and write news.

Wine Industry too knows it, and most of all Wine Companies have their web site, more of these have an e-commerce where you can buy their bottles, and others have an app to use from smartphones.

There is Internet of Things to use in the vineyard and Data Analytics to use in business.

Almost all the today’s technology can be used in the Wine Business and drive to Wine 4.0; but now wine industry has to find the cornerstone of own Internet marketing revolution, establishing its new strategy and using the power of tech.

There isn’t a unique solution, but as many solutions as vineries exist.

In Italy, for example, wine is strongly linked with its surroundings, with its history and the hills’ landscape; so in France, with domains and chateau, castles.

In USA, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, there are other experiences, other visions over wine making, other ways to do wine business.

None is right or wrong. It’s simply the everyone’s method.

Every vineries in all these wine countries have a different relationship with the market, so every vineries have to find its own strategy, its own goal, and only after they can implement the right technology.

It needs to have clear who is own customer segment, what is capacity to produce and grow, how vinery or wine shop can use what it has around.

It needs study these data, organize it, discover what they means and mine the hidden diamond inside.

For example, the same app can be used in two different way, and with two different purpose, by two different vineries in, let’s suppose, USA and Italy.

More important, who develops that app have to listen feedback from both customers and make the request update. Who studies wine data from Australia or France, has to ask data some similar questions and other differents, based on difference of two markets.

Many questions can come right from wine professionals of these countries, and data scientist must take they into account. In this way, a virtuos circle is create, where may be there is not only a winner.

Who makes technology must know the wine market, the wine producers and wine lovers world.

Who makes wine, or business with it, must know technology, how it can help they and how they must modify their own work processess.

The game works only if these two worlds talk each other.

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