In this time we have a big number of channels to communicate, from email to Twitch if you want you can reach every people in the world.

But if you have a product to sell, your wine, your transport service, your brand, these channels have to be used in the right way.

It’s no matter of technicality, but about message you want to drive to your customers, your fans, your contributors.

Reading a Mark Schaefer’s post, I started to think how his words can apply, because concepts are powerful, but sometimes their application it’s not easy.

So, look about the three words.


Who your message is relevant for? Your new customers, your older clients, your collaborators, your investors? Well, like you use a different message for everyone of them, you have to use the right channel to communicate. Your customers are online, they use Messenger or Twitter. Your suppliers use likely email, and your collaborators use Whatsapp, and if they are in your office you can use your voice to communicate with them. It’s the pairing from a relevant message and the right channel to do the difference. So, write the more relevant message for your listeners and readers, and choose the more relevant channel to bring it them.


Schaefer says that every niche product attracts competitors. If you produce wine, you know this is true, because there are millions of winemakers. So, how can you be commercially superior respect another? Yes, your wine is better than your competitors one, but if you haven’t a superior way to sell it, you lose. Lower quality wines are sold everytime everywhere, and only things make them superior is that there is one thing where they are superior. It can be a innovative packaging, a new business model, new sales channel, use of digital media or a new way to pay. If you want to be superior, says Schaefer, you have to innovate.


This is more difficult, but basic it means reliability, the way you are close to your customers, or investors, or suppliers. You have to be consistent, right, keep your promises you said. Nowadays there are many digital way to stay close your market, and whatever you choose listeners remember your promises (it’s not worth it if you’re a politician) and will measure you about them. Your consistency is your force, you have to demostrate it to your customers. Using video, or bot, or newsletter, or ringing their house bell.

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