Wine Digital News #5

Wine Digital News #5

AI and innovative payment methods are pushing wine business in China, in Belgium they drink less real wine but share it more, in France a new company for data analysis born and CBInsight tell us where all investors money are gone. 

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Staffless wine shop in China

Is technology a threat for job? It depends. If you live in South Africa, where unemployed rate is 27%, every workplace missed is a tragedy. But if you live in China, with only 4% of unemployed rate, this is not so dramatic.

In every other country, wine industry get jobs to many people, winemakers, traders, wine sales, so the introduction of technology can be a problem.

Alibaba has cafes and supermarkets where you can also buy wine moneyless and staffless, because in China the use of digital methods of payments are more developed than in other world regions.

Is this a threat? May be.

Wine data insights in France

Balthazar is the name of a 12-liters bottle (16 bottles of 0,75 liters), and MyBalthazar is the name of a French platform to measure how a brand is social addicted.

Its founders, Benjamin Sonet (CEO) and Bernard Camu (CTO), created it in 2016 with purpose to provide to great wine brands what people say about their wine on social channels, creating a score of social notoriety.  The July, 2, MyBalthazar has a partnership with Wine Service, a platform created in 2010 to help wine companies to know better their clients.

Their union is a great step beyond in digitalization of wine market in France, pushing Gran Crus and Champagne makers to use digital technology and to be more present in social network.

Drink beer and socialize wine

Belgium is known for its beers, I like their blonde! They aren’t great wine drinkers, and wine consumption in Belgium it’s decreasing. Strangely, is growing the share rate of their taste with friends. Are they like more tweet than drink?

Where have all the money gone?

Yes, it’s not about flowers but money. Where investors put their money in food&beverage?

Deals with F&B are growing since 2015, despite funding has decreased. CBInsight published an interesting infographic where it can see that funds goes in beverage but deals come from food. In 2015 amount of funds was 1,6 B$ with a ROI of 290 M$, in 2016 investors put 900 M$ with 338 M$ of deals.


On September 20 and 21 the 2nd edition of Food Use Tech will be held in Dijon, France. The event is reserved to professionals of FoodTech and AgTech. First edition, last year, saw more than 1000 participants, with over 60 startups in Tech Food&Beverage and 28 startup presentations.

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