The top 10 Wine bar Instagram accounts

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The top 10 Wine bar Instagram accounts

It’s not hard to find a nice wine bar almost in every place worldwide. Searching around the web, I’ve found these 10 and their Instagram account; in this post I’m going to analyze this feature, waiting for the moment to go to visit them.

Kermit Lynch, California

Kermit Lynch is more known as a merchant, and his Adventures on the Wine Route 1988 book is a must to have for every wine lover. He has a wine store in Berkeley, CA, and his IG account has 25K followers and over 700 posts. Being a merchant, he know many people of wine, and this is displayed in his IG page, with wine, landscape and people. A really nice account to follow.

KLWines, California

It has 3,3k followers and 990 posts; user engagement is not so good, with 40 average like for its photos; better with videos, from 300 to 500 likes. Its posts are mostly about people with bottle of wine in their arms, but aren’t so engaging

Vin Papillon, Montreal

It has 14K followers with 300 posts of wine and food. There’re people also, but in a static pose and only a few of image is really funny.

Manfreds, Copenhagen

A nice veggie restaurant with a big choice of natural wine, the trend now in Denmark. It has 15K followers and 350 posts showing dishes and wines in a good display, I think it could do better than this.

Obladee Wine Bar, Halifax

With 7000 follower, Obladee Wine bar is not the most followed wine bar on Instagram, but its 1687 (now) posts grow it of the most active to post images. People in the photo are very funny, and sentences of the blackboard at the entrance are nice and different one of another. A nice way to use this media.

Le Clos, Dubai

To have a wine bar in Dubai is not a simple job, but if you sell luxury wine the life is easier, and its nine store are all into the International airport. They have 2700 follower and 500 posts, someone very good but mostly they seem advertising images, without mood.

Le Dû’s Wines, New York

Only 1600 followers and 430 posts, they post mainly their tasting events, with a nice choose of photos and a few videos. Pictures are well done, some colored and other in black&white, so the feed seems dynamic and not annoying.

Antidote Wine Bar, London

They have 2000 followers and 634 posts, almos all wine bottles. A few static feed, but images are well done, so the dish ones.

Verve Wine, Tribeca and San Francisco

With their 12,5K followers and 450 posts, this is my preferred Instagram feed about wine. Images are not only about wine, dynamics, someone in black&white and many famous people like Nelson Mandela and David Bowie. The right way to engage their followers (and customers).

DomaineLA, Los Angeles

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Furlani Sundays

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Another very nice Instagram account through wine bars, 11k followers and 2900 posts with bottle, scenes from the shop, funny and engaging followers. Not still photos, some wine and many people, some dog. A good use of their feed.



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