Wine Digital News #4

Wine Digital News #4

Other news from digital world about wine, food and tourism. Let’s go to read them!

Australian Wine Makers and Virtual Reality

As ABC reports, the wine makers of Australia are going to use Virtual and Augmented Reality in their wine business. Government released 2,8 M$ for investment in tourism activities, and about half of a million gone to a project in wine tourism in the Riverland region drove by Riverland Wine, “the face of the Riverland wine industry”, as its website says. The purpose of Chrys Byrne, body’s executive chair, is to sell “the regional area to potential wine lovers”. There are many digital addicted vineries in this region, many interesting project using VR. Will the new digital way to wine business start just Down Under?

VCs discover wine

Yes, the Venture Capitalists are discovering wine, more exactly the startups making something digital about wine and its business. Wine marketplace is a lucrative market, and every day (or so) a new app, a new delivery platform, a new online wine club is born, little companies or great projects and all of these are finding the founds. Penrose Hill is backed by Tribeca Venture Partners among others, and raised $12 Million, and Drync $4,35 Million. Last report of Wineaccess says that new generation (the so-called XGen) plan to spend more than other generation group. What XGen use everyday, all day long? Yes, their smartphone. So, to invest in new wine digital startups can be a good idea, with a good return of investment forecast. Good news, money are coming!

5 lessons from Neal Rosenthal

In this post, Cathy Huyghe on offer us the ever interesting and masterly vision by the famous wine merchant Neal Rosenthal, that has launched a new spin-off brand about tourism in Burgundy and Northern Italy. Mr. Rosenthal says that sometimes is a good idea to go “against the grain”, against the common sense. He speak about quality, vision of future, and defends little producers wines, because can be faster than bigger ones. 5 lessons we can apply to wine and other sectors of our life and business. 


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