Why it’s so difficult to technologize vineries

Nowadays there are many tech companies working in that branch of agriculture named AgTech, expecially in USA and in Australia. Events, fairs, innovations, it seems that farmers and engineers was married together to growing the crap and minimize the hard work.

In the wine world this is not so simple, not because technology is a bad thing, but because they don’t see vantages to implement it.

A winegrower ask to herself: ‘What about technology? Wine is made in the same way by centuries. I don’t need technology in my vineyard’

Vineries have technology

Really, they have it. Meteo station, intrusion alarm, automatic watering, are system with an inner technology often sophisticated.

A winegrower don’t needs computer to manage her vineyard or cellar. But she has it. Financial statement, budget, calendar, email, are all operations made with a computer and seen by a smartphone.

There is an important aspect for this: the computer it’s no acting in the process to make the wine, but only in boundary actions.

A drone flying over the vines, a sensor stuck into the ground, a IR camera filming the leafs, are extraneous bodies in the portrait of the vineyard, and like that, they have to be extirpated.

Different wines, different problems, different technology

Vineries need to produce a good wine and sell it all.

But, they have some problems, little or big ones.

One of this can be, for example, to know how much water they use for their vines, and a way to reduce the cost.

Another one is to track their sell, know the customs and explain only for them how they make that so good wine.

We need to know their problem and goals, and use technology to solve them, not to create another more problem, another more device could it go to break it, or to be expensive and hard to use.

A wine producer needs simple technology, not invasive, not so expensive, easy to maintain and quickly to repair.

And, as problems to solve are different for big and little vineries, so have to be different the technologies we offer them.

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